Josie's Needs

Josie needs our help to purchase a Mustang Gait Trainer/Walker. Her Insurance company has repeatedly denied the claims and appeals for this equipment. She is able to walk in a Mustang Walker in Physical Therapy sessions. With our help she will have one her own so she can walk at home, school and while out and about.

Any funds raised over the cost of the walker will go towards a power wheelchair and/or a van ramp for Josie.

Mustang Walker

Joise is affected by Shaken Baby Syndrome which lead to Cerebral Palsy. She and her two sisters were adopted by a wonderful family who not only gives them all the love they deserve, but also makes sure they have all of their medical needs met.

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  1. We had every intention on attending the festivities today, but Amelia has a fever so we're staying home :( Happy Birthday Zaylee. We hope your day is filled with fun, love, family and friends!

    Many Blessings,
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